Journey to the Next of the Life
just pass this blog. u’ll get nothing here. besides, u want to join me on this journey.

The Methodology

Yeah! Before take some stride, better to plan and do commit with that. Now i tell you what places that i’ll pass in this journey. Hmm, because i’ll make the web, so i use the web engineering method by Pressman in his book, A Practitioner’s Approach, 6th-Ed. Here is the places :

Web Engineering

Web Engineering

The first place is Customer Communication. It consists of busines analysis dan formulation. Business analysis defines the business/organizational context for the WebApp. Formulation is a requirements gathering activity involving all stakeholders. The intent is to describe the problem that the WebApp is to solve.

The second is planning. The “plan” consists of a task definition and a timeline schedule for the time period (usually measured in weeks) projected for the development of the WebApp increment

The third place is modeling which consists of two models : analysis which establishes a basis for design and design which represents key WebApp element. Analysis model consists of content, interaction, functional and configuration analysis. The design analysis consists of content, aecthetic, architectural, interface, navigation and component.

Construction is the fourth place. The webE tools and technology are applied to construct the WebApp that has been modeled. Testing of all design elements must be done too.

Last but not least is delivery and feedback.  In this place, i will configure for its operational environment and deliver to end-users. Then, the evaluation feedback is presented to me.

Well, that’s the method! Insya Allah i will be consistent with it. It also help to systemize my thought and job. Thanks for Pressman!^ Next i will write more specific about my method. Keep on spirit! x)



7 Responses to “The Methodology”

  1. Ur english sucks

  2. wkwkwk..
    i think dat too! xD
    but, still thx for comment!^
    i’ve been learning for this..
    (hv u evr read my 2nd post, my weird way? hoho.. actually, this is my-own-way to learn^)

    anyway, i’ve copy from Pressman then paste to this post with few adds by myself..
    (haha, my english still sucks, rite?)

  3. It doesn’t matter whether it sucks or not… at the end, one who failed is one who never tried.
    And you have tried your best, aren’t ya?
    Keep goin’, vie!! ^__^

  4. thx sis!!^
    that means much for me.. 🙂
    there is no way to give up, rite? xD

  5. sucks? nope… i think… in Jowo ra nopo2 lah, arane sinau….sinau….

  6. hi..
    nice works…

    see, i found some interesting courseware from MIT about software engineering for web app..

    just take a peek.. hope it’ll help..

  7. So, are you going to make a web-based GIS? Great… Make it simple but powerful one…

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