Journey to the Next of the Life
just pass this blog. u’ll get nothing here. besides, u want to join me on this journey.


Hey! Before going to0 deep, it’s important to know this terminology first. Scriptov is my-own-word. The word that made by me. Oh, no, by Ibonk*, actually. That time i was trying to find a word describing what i’ll do with this site. More extensive, word describing all about my minithesis. Yes! Scriptov is now being a kind of my-own-word. Maybe, this word means my minithesis and all around it.

So, if i say i’m doing some scriptov things, it means i’m doing something relate to my minithesis. It can be find out about GIS, Flex or maybe hang-out-with-friends-cause-i-feel-so-sick-with-my-minithesis, hahah!! x)

Well, today i’ve got some thought about what i’m going to do with this site. Finally, i’ve got the way to systemize what i get on this journey. So impassioned! xD

Eventhough maybe u’ll get nothing, but its better to not leave before try, rite? Happy check my posts out!^

*Ibonk is Ferdian Feisal. He’s mine. But that’s not the point. Hoho. Ibonk is the one who loves game much! Not only for play, but going deep with it. Maybe that makes him loving imagine something, and that’s why easier for him making some-weird-word, like scriptov! x)


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