Journey to the Next of the Life
just pass this blog. u’ll get nothing here. besides, u want to join me on this journey.

My Weird Way

Eventhough there will no people know what i’m ‘saying’ in this blog, i’ll say. Yes. I will say anything with my own way, my own language. Cause maybe u’ll know nothing with the language  that i use. Hahah..

Or, maybe is there anyone of you come from the country called US or somewhere west of my lovely country or maybe are you the one who always be the winner of English Speech Contest or something like that? So, u don’t need to laugh while u read these posts.

Cause i did that first? No. Cause this is the way i learn.


One Response to “My Weird Way”

  1. wait!
    but i am still happy if u mind to correct my fault..
    but i still want your understanding for my way to explain something in my weird language..

    *do not laugh mine, please?*

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